Jimmy Kimmel Makes New York Fashion Week Attendees Look Like Idiots

What he do, bring a mirror? Just kidding people.

Making light of pretentious young people whose passion for fashion is directly proportional to the size of their outlandish perspex neck accessories is a sport we endorse wholeheartedly here at Pedestrian HQ. Jimmy Kimmel agrees. For the most recent edition of his viral vox pop shame series Lie Witness News the duplicitous late night host asked hapless New York Fashion Week attendees to discuss the work of up and coming designers who – gotcha! – don’t actually exist.

Let the schadenfreude consume you like the silk touch of a fine Italian Prada gown as a pretentious parade of fashion victims scramble to say something vague but affirmative about non-existent fashion designers such as Purina Chow, Bibhu Mohapatra, Ricardo Montalban, Barbara Tfank, Misha Nonoo, Meadowlark Lemon, George Costanza, Willy Loman and Eddie Munster, and offer comments on essential summer trends like the Christian Louboutin uniboot, watermelon helmets, Spock ears, cling-wrap tops and padlock necklaces.

In their defence, there is NOTHING more embarrassing than not knowing about something. Oh wait…