Ever wanted to walk on water like Jesus? Well, for the measly price of approximately $4,500, you can live your dream in a pair of Nike Air Max 97s that are injected with holy water straight from the River Jordan in the soles.

Brooklyn-based label MSCHF have taken Jesus shoes to a whole new level with their latest holy shoes.

The water comes directly from the River Jordan, and has then been blessed by a priest, so consumers can theoretically walk on water like Jesus did in Matthew 14:25. But the religious references don’t stop there.

The shoes also feature red, Frankenscence-scented insoles, and a steel crucifix attached to the laces to reference The Vatican’s red shoes and jewels. MSCHF has also inscribed Matthew 14:25 on the toe box and developed the entire design with a general biblical vibe.

Within one minute of being released on October 8, these iconic shoes had already sold out, but if you’re willing to pay almost double the original retail price, you can still pick up a few pairs on the StockX marketplace.

The shoes originally retailed for a whopping $1,425USD, but are being re-sold for at least $2,499USD, with prices spiking up to 8x the RRP.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure if the shoes are meant to be targeting religious people, sneaker heads or just anyone who is willing to spend over $1000 on a pair of sneakers, but apparently whatever they’re doing is working because they sold out.

MSCHF Internet Studios is a creative company that drops something cool every second Tuesday. Previous drops include M-Journal,  “a website that converts Wikipedia articles into extremely citable “academic papers”,” and Netflix Hangouts, a Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix at work but it looks like you’re on a conference call.

Although most of us probably can’t afford $4,500 sneakers, the MSCHF website also has a number of free drops for you to take advantage of. We stan a website that doesn’t always cost money.

Image: MSCHF x Nike