Jenna Jameson Attacked Islam, Defended The KKK & Praised Milo In One Rant

In the heavily paraphrased words of Harvey Dent: you either die a solid bloke or live long enough to see yourself become a complete dickhead. The wildly charged political atmosphere we’re currently in has done a good job of making it clear which celebs hold normal, healthy political views and which ones are kind of dicks.
It turns out Jenna Jameson might be kind of a dick. Now, it’s worth noting there are definitely some things you can criticise here, what’s not worth criticising is her career or her ethnicity – in a move experts are calling “fucking stupid”, a bunch of people decided to attack her for her opinions on Islam by going after her for being both a porn star and Jewish. Obviously, neither of those things are bad or any indication of anyone’s character whatsoever, so maybe pump the brakes there, weirdos.
Tonight’s drama began, as most modern dramas apparently do, on Twitter, with Jameson taking to the awful blue website to defend controversial asshole Milo Yiannopoulos, who very recently lost a book deal and resigned from Breitbart over comments made seemingly in defence of paedophilia

I’m not entirely sure how quoting his own words (from two different podcasts) in context is a smear campaign but, hey, that’s not what we’re talking about here.
Somehow this spiralled into a broader conversation about Islam, with Jameson posting a link to a story about “Muslim rape gangs” in Sweden:

It’s worth noting that no element of the story in question has ever appeared in any major news source and that the original article cited by the anti-immigration websites was run on ‘Fria Tider‘, a Swedish immigration-critical news website with a long history of just making shit up.
She then calls someone a slur for asking her whether she’s also critical of Christianity for things done in its name:

Interestingly, she was generous enough to clarify that she doesn’t hate Muslims, just hates everything they stand for. How magnanimous:

The Klan though? Alright in her books because all they do is lynch black people, which is comparatively harmless:

But it’s alright because they’ve been wiped out by the Republicans? Probably tell that to the still fully operational KKK:

Ah, yes, of course, Islam is a religion of war, which is why we are currently fighting for survival against Thailand:

Sure, that’s why Waleed Aly has threatened to murder every gay guest on ‘The Project‘ and Yusuf Islam AKA Cat Stevens wrote that album, ‘Women Are Animals‘:

She caps the whole thing off with that most famous form of conservative Tourette’s – by shouting ‘FAKE NEWS’:

Might want to delete your Twitter while you’re at it, mate:

Photo: Instagram / Jenna Jameson.