Jamie XX’s Cool As Hell Contemporary Ballet Is Officially Heading To Sydney

The Sydney Festival is really coming through with the goods this year, but one of the events we’re most excited for is Jamie xx‘s much-hyped ballet, Tree Of Codes, coming up from Melbs for a Sydney stint.

The ballet is a collab between Jamie xx, Royal Ballet choreographer Wayne McGregor, Icelandic installation artist Olafur Eliasson and novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, whose work Tree of Codes is what the ballet is based on.

The premise is this. Safran Foer’s work is actually derived from Bruno Schulz‘s 1934 collection of short stories, Street Of Crocodiles. To create Tree Of Codes, Safran Foer literally cut-and-pasted Schulz’s words to form a new story.

In Tree Of Codes the ballet, Jamie xx continues to work with that vibe, using an algorithm that turned the text into music – so expect all new Jamie xx if you go to see it.

The set is a huge part of the shows appeal – Eliasson creates a sort of dystopian nightclub feel, with mirrors to reflect the dancers, bright colours set against a dark, moody stage.

Want in? Tree Of Codes will be doing 4 performances across 6th – 10th January as part of the Sydney Festival.