Jacob Elordi Won A Fashion Competition In 2012 & The Pics Are A Truly Cursed Time Capsule

Dear readers, cast your minds back to the cursed year of 2012. We thought the world was going to end and the fashion choices honestly reflect that. So it may come as no surprise that some truly wild images of Mr Jacob Elordi have emerged from back when he was the 2012 winner of Fashions on the Field. Fuck an Emmy, this is the only award that matters.

Beloved Instagram account @celeb_spellcheck resurfaced the pics to remind the world of the hallowed day when Elordi won Fashions on the Field at Emirates Stakes Day.

We thank them.

“10 years ago @jacobelordi won Fashions on the Field,” Celeb Spellcheck wrote.

It also commented “Neight Jacobs” which is, frankly, more funny than anything I could ever come up with.

Fashions on the Field — if, like me, you have never heard of such a thing —is a fashion competition which takes place at horse racing events like the Melbourne Cup. Yeuch.

Elordi was the senior men’s winner at Flemington Racecourse’s Emirates Stakes Day in 2012.

These pictures are a time capsule into a dark period of history.

Yes, Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” was topping the music charts. Slay. But fedoras and slim fit jeans were topping the fashion charts. Not a slay.

Okay Kurt from Glee. Source: Getty / Marianna Massey

As PEDESTRIAN.TV’s very own Aleks Bliszczyk said: that is Jacob M’Elordi.

We truly lived in dark times back in 2012. And through no fault of his own, Mr Elordi — who was 15 in 2012 — is the absolute pinnacle here.

And yes, my 14-year-old self in 2012 would have absolutely had a crush on Elordi if I’d seen him tip that fedora over the sticky floors of a school social.

The bow tie. The check blazer. The low-rise black trousers. This is every boy at every Year 10 formal in the 2010s.

Swap out the blazer for a Kathmandu puffer jacket and the brogues for R.M. Williams and you’ve actually just created the ultimate Uni of Melbourne Business student.

The red sash is a minute slay… Source: Getty / Marianna Massey
The pink is serving. Source: Getty / Marianna Massey

There’s also a pic of Elordi from the 2014 Fashions on the Field competition. I simply cannot believe this but… he’s wearing a different fedora.

Why did we let these damned hats grip us for so long? Is the ire we feel for fedoras the way we’ll feel about Birksenstock Boston clogs in ten years time?

I stand by white jeans though. Source: Getty / Graham Denholm

I’m launching a petition for Nate Jacobs to wear this exact outfit in Euphoria next season and for exactly no-one to address it.

Many thanks to Jacob Elordi for providing us with this loving stroll down fashion history lane. Now time to manifest the Y2K TikTok fashionistas don’t try to bring back those truly awful hats.