Jaclyn Hill Is Getting Slammed For Her Brand’s “Hairy” & “Lumpy” Lipsticks

Beauty YouTubers love a side hustle, and Jaclyn Hill – one of the biggest names in the YouTuber biz – has one going with her Jaclyn Cosmetics brand. But the new lipstick range that just dropped is not going down well online. In fact, Jaclyn is very much getting roasted into oblivion for it.

[jwplayer sVILPwzU]

While fans are in love with the shades Jaclyn’s made, the same can’t be said for the formulation. Many have taken to social media to show concerning elements like “lumpy” ball bits:


To downright terrifying HAIRY STUFF growing on them:


Jaclyn Hill Tweeted in response, saying the tiny hairs were from the gloves the production members were using, which shed.

But others are claiming the hairs are actually bacterial growth, which is somehow even more terrifying.


To her credit, Jaclyn isn’t ignoring the complaints – she’s announced her team is looking into it.

Drama, drama, drama.