J-Lo Brought Back *That* 00s Versace Dress That Broke The Internet & I Need A Minute

j-lo versace green dress

Drop everything you’re doing because nothing is more important than Jennifer Lopez bringing back *that* Versace jungle dress. You know the one.

Lopez, 50, reminded us all that she’s still the hottest woman on planet Earth by closing the Versace Spring 2020 runway show in a 2019-version of the famous revealing number.

Back in 2000, J-Lo became arguably the first person to break the internet (sorry Kim Kardashian) after she strutted her stuff at the Grammy’s in a silk chiffon Versace dress. Google literally had issues because of the insane volume of people searching “J-Lo” and “Versace” during and directly after the awards. This is actually what prompted Google to introduce the Images page that we now take forgranted. Yes. Jenny From The Block legitimately created Google Images.

CEO at the time Eric Schmidt confirmed this in 2015 when he explained that the need for a photo function “first became apparent after the 2000 Grammy Awards, where Jennifer Lopez wore a green dress that, well, caught the world’s attention.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the OG queen of the internet is back to reclaim her throne today, with a little help from the dress that made her. And apparently this runway moment has been in the works for a while now.

Donatella, the mastermind calling the shots at Versace, revealed to Vogue magazine that Jenny and herself planned the comeback at this year’s Met Ball. You know, the biggest fashion event of the year.

“The world stopped, everyone wanted to look at that dress… I’m proud we inspired Google Images,” Versace told Vogue. “You know when I do something, I really do it.”

Before her catwalk debut, J-Lo shared an Instagram Live video with her fans.

“So I have a little bit of a surprise right now,” she said. “I am about to surprise a whole room full of people here and I don’t want to say too much but I want you to be here with me when I do it. I’m so excited.”

“Twenty years ago I wore a certain dress and it kind of made a bit of splash at that time and right now we’re about to have another moment in Milan at Fashion Week.”

A bit of a splash? Bec Judd at the fucking Brownlow makes “a bit of a splash”, J-Lo’s jungle dress breaks the internet. And in true J-Lo fashion, she’s done it again 20 years later.

Within 3 hours of the footage going live, it had already amassed a whopping three million views, proving to us all that J-Lo has still got it. Not only does she have “it”, she also invented “it”.

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I aspire to be as rich, hot and successful as J-Lo by the time I’m 50. I highly doubt I will be even one of those things but a girl can dream, right?