It Turns Out We Grew Up In The Golden Age Of Dollarmites Rulers

It might seem like everything in the world is going down the toilet and that truly nothing will ever be as good as it once was but, well, uh, that might actually be the case.

I know, I know – nostalgia wank is so tedious: everything only seemed better back then because we were kids and our lives were mostly extremely carefree, as opposed to the anxiety riddled messes that they are now – but I mean this seems really definitive.
Remember Dollarmites Club? Remember putting away a gold coin or two and then, after no time at all, suddenly having hundreds of dollars (note: this did not happen, this was nobody’s experience).
Remember the weird colourful characters that I suppose were the titular Dollarmites? I sure don’t, but I know that they were colourful and that we got dope holographic rulers featuring them.
Well look at what the youth have to deal with today, not a hologram or a Dollarmite to be seen:

If you are a huge nerd you might find solace in the fact that they get an actually useful ruler with a full 30cm of measuring and line-drawing capability, but, again, only if you are a huge nerd.
Source and photo: Twitter / Rpy.