OMG: TikTok Is Frothing Over This iOS 16 Hack That’s The Modern Version Of Clueless’ Lookbook

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Gone are the days of dispiritedly staring at my overstuffed wardrobe yet feeling like I have nothing to wear. With this TikToker’s frankly GENIUS new iOS 16 hack, you’ll never run out of outfit inspo again. The future is now!!

Remember watching Cher from Clueless scroll through all her outfit options in her computer-closet  to create the perfect lewk? Did you ever wish you could do that, to keep track of your looks and get some outfit inspo on a rainy day?

Well, TikToker and influencer Macaulay (@macauly_flower) has recreated Cher’s iconic digital lookbook by using a new iOS 16 hack and it has honestly changed the fashion game for me.

In the iOS 16 update, iPhone users can select the “subject” of an image in their Notes app and remove the background, effectively making it look like a sticker.

Macaulay used this feature to compile cut-outs of all his OOTD selfies into a Notes file, which he could then use to catalogue them. Meaning a) he can track all his looks and b) he has easy access to inspo on days he’s struggling to come up with an outfit.


Voice reveal?😂 I love this new ios 16 feature. Now I have an easy way to reference all of my fit checks👍🏼 #ios16 #fitcheck #mensfashion #bigboyfashion #ChewTheVibes #outfitinspo

♬ This Charming Man (2011 Remaster) – The Smiths

The way this would both revolutionise my mornings… Imagine being able to scroll through all your clothing and pick what suits your vibe the most that day.

No more trying on 17,000 items, having a mental breakdown and being 30 minutes late to every event I go to. Now this is efficiency!!

Comments on Macaulay’s TikTok were equally hyped by the hack.

“Seeing this as I’m watching Clueless and wishing I had her computer. But now I don’t need the whole set up!!” one user commented.

“This has been my dream since I was like nine,” a second commenter wrote. Honestly, same.

“Download Acloset,” recommended another.

“You can paste those into that app and it will suggest outfits based on weather and keep your wardrobe in one place!”

OMG. If you need me, I’ll be cataloguing every single one of my outfits and organising them by colour and season. It truly is Virgo szn.