Introducing Broga: Yoga For Bros

Dudes, is your yoga class just the worst?

Fed up
with feeling embarrassed/gross/useless all the time because you can’t downward
dog with the ease, grace or dexterity of your female counterparts?
Are you distracted by the room’s resemblance to an Eric Prydz film clip? Are you angered by an all encompassing fitness philosophy which doesn’t cater specifically to the disgusting lumbering meat sack you call your body?

Flow Athletic is here to help. The yoga, health and fitness centre located in Sydney bourgeois epicentre Paddington is now offering a class in Broga, a horrifically named introductory yoga class “developed to encompass unique moves designed to
benefit the male physique” and alleviate the shame associated with not
being able to touch your toes properly.

According to a press release “Broga
classes offer stretch therapy for active recovery, with a particular
focus on hamstrings, hips, glutes, shoulders and the chest – areas often
suffering from built up muscle tension in male athletes.”

Head yoga instructor at Flow Athletic, Kate Kendall said “we
developed this class to give guys space to explore yoga without feeling
uncomfortable. Guys aren’t as naturally flexible as girls so many feel
awkward going to a traditional yoga class. They also often neglect
stretching, their posture and breathing – failing to see how vital it is
for optimum performance. With Broga we work on specific postures for
the male physique, in a relaxed, easy going environment.”

But don’t take her word for it. Here’s what champion South Sydney Rabbitohs fullback Greg Inglis had to say: “Our
sessions with Kate have been an important part of active recovery. Her
uncomplicated and effective approach has led to greater mobility and
faster recovery which only means we can train harder and perform better
on the field.”

Two things. 1) Who knew Greg Inglis did yoga? 2) Say goodbye to this…

Photo by Andy Jacobsohn for Getty Images News