Don’t worry, this piece is spoiler-free.

Right now, the easiest way to become friends with some random is to start talking about ‘S-Town‘, the enthralling first podcast from Serial Productions. Either you’re into it, or you’re not, and if you’re into it you won’t shut up about it.

All seven episodes were released yesterday, and already people are obsessed. It’s some good shit. Give it a listen, and you’ll find yourself becoming as enthralled with John B. McLemore and rural Woodstock, Alabama as the rest of us.

Early on the first chapter, we’re introduced to John’s hedge maze. He designed it himself to have 64 possible solutions, depending on which gates are opened and closed. (And, as John and host Brian Reed discover in the first episode, it also has a 65th version which is impossible to complete.)

Enthusiastic listeners giant nerds baby stalkers on the internet have now found John’s maze, and holy shit guys, even with all the insanely good imagery painted by the ‘S-Town’ lot, this is wilder than we thought.

These images are taken by Tyler (yep, John’s mate Tyler) in 2013, and come via Twitter user @fckinbee.

And an album on Imgur shows more pics of the maze during construction.

John says he imagines it’ll become a ‘proper’ maze once the hedges grow above head height, and tbqh, ‘S-Town’ needs to head back to Woodstock in about a year’s time to find out if it’s there yet.

Photo: Facebook / Tyler Goodson.