Ever wanted to splurge on a new tat but don’t get paid until next week/fortnite/month? Along comes INKPAY, which is like a bunch of other ‘buy now, pay later’ services, but for getting inked (duh).

The whole thing is pretty simple. You sign up, and in five mins you’ll be given a limit of up to $1,000 for your first tat.

This can be redeemed at a bunch of partner studios around the country. The website lists options in literally every state and territory.

You’ve then got the option to send a description and/or pics of your idea to INKPAY and they’ll hook you up with a rough price estimate from one of their partners.

As soon as the job’s agreed upon, you’ll pay 40% up front. Then for the next three fortnights, you’ll pay 20% chunks. There’s no interest at all, so the amount you agree upon is the amount you’ll pay.

And, if your end goal is to get completely inked up, there’s an incentive to keep coming back, too. Every time you finish a payment plan on time, your limit will be upped by 50%.

If you don’t pay… well, things get a bit shit. You could cop a fine or even have collection action taken out against you, and INKPAY might even give you a bad reference to other services like Afterpay. Ouch.

Obviously, it goes without saying: stay away if you can’t already trust yourself with a credit card. It’s not like they can just repo your tat sooooo best be fully aware of your financial situation before signing up.

It’s also contingent on whether or not tattoo parlours open again in your state. It is still 2020, after all. But if where you live is in the clear, go forth.

And that’s the t… attoo.