Independent MP Peter Slipper Goes Retro, Reuses 1980’s Campaign Posters

People do it for their online dating profile, so why not do it for a political campaign?

Independent MP Peter “Slippery” Slipper has come under fire from his opponents after reusing his old electoral campaign signs, some of which feature photos of Slipper dating all the way back to the 1980s. The signs, which Slipper first used when he was a member of the Liberal National Party, have had the LNP logos snipped off and have been erected across the Fisher electorate on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Image via ABC News

Of course, if the policies are still stuck 25 years in the past, there’s no reason why the political advertising shouldn’t be. Slipper has defended the retro-chic signs, stating that the reason for their reuse was an environmental one, and not simply because he didn’t have the cash to fork out for new ones.

“We have a fragile environment,” he said. “Obviously if you’re
able to use something that you’ve already got, it means that you don’t
have to re-buy something again, but it wasn’t principally a budget
measure… It’s just the fact that we had them, we thought we
would use them, because why throw them away if they’re able to serve a
purpose once again?”

Slipper was famously accused of applying similar logic to his Parliamentary travel entitlements in 2012, and Tony Abbott‘s call for his resignation from his position as Speaker of the House following a text message scandal was the catalyst for Julia Gillard tearing the Opposition Leader a new one in her now-famous “misogynist” speech.

Via Lead image by Stefan Postles for Getty Images