Say what you want about Imogen Anthony – the girl can stop a crowd with an outfit. She literally has only one dial setting and it’s permanently at 11.

The Instagram celeb  and model hit up MBFWA again this year wearing her trademark “what are thoooooose” style outfits. Which honestly? I kind of love how she brings the spicy to the table.

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Imogen spoke to Elle Halliwell from The Daily Telegraph about her style choices.

‘Everyone takes themselves so seriously. I’m all for people wearing streamlined business shirts and pinstripe suits, but just let me do what I do, too. It’s dress-up, let’s be honest, and it’s fun!’

She also gave a refreshingly honest take on Insta.

Don’t worry, I have no idea what I’m doing here either. Besides being passionate about style + fashion and completely stabbing in the dark with what I love to do – confidence comes purely from within. You must teach yourself. Train yourself. I used to wait for someone to tap me on the shoulder and say “wtf are you doing here?” Now truth be told, I’m still waiting for that person to come up and say it, only now I’d call them a c*nt, grab a champagne and piss off in the opposite direction… I have zero care.. Be you. Own you. Don’t let anyone take it from you.. . Dress @forloveandlemons / Choker #fentyxpuma / Glasses @poppylissiman / Bag #vintage @dior / @femmefatale69x coming soon ???? / #MBFWA ????

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Can’t really argue with “Be you”, can you.

However, practical her style is not. I for one would end up with an extreme wardrobe malfunction if I wore this.

Also how can you see bb.

Credit: Instagram / @imogenanthony

This is a mood tho.

Credit: Instagram / @imogenanthony

Welp, it’s a zesty break from the oversized blazers, YSL handbags and reworked Levi’s I guess?

Image: Instagram / @imogenanthony