IKEA’s Flatpack Bike Has Rolled Into ‘Straya But Not At ‘Malm’ Prices

Back in April, IKEA announced that they were in the process of bringing a flatpack bicycle to the market.

As we reported, the lightweight, aluminium-framed bicycle was set to roll into stores Down Under in September after taking the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards by storm.
Though it’s a month late to drop, the SLADDA has finally hit Australian shores / stores and promises to afford “customers an easy to maintain, practical and multi-gender urban transportation solution that supports a sustainable lifestyle”:
Ya huh, you could head down to your local Swedish megamart maze today and pick up a couple of spicy meatballs and a hot new set o’ wheels for $799
Pretty dang steep, I know – but as IKEA’s press release gladly points out, “the cost of a SLADDA is equivalent to an average monthly train fare of $182 over just 3.5 months.”

o wheelie?
The price is also a little more palatable when you consider that the bike comes with a 25 year and 10 year warranty on the frame and chain, respectively.
If you’re anything like me and struggle to assemble even the simple af MALM drawers, you may have a conniption trying to assemble the 2-wheeled transportation device, though the kind folk at IKEA reckon it’s a cinch.
“The IKEA SLADDA, meaning ‘skid sideways’ in Swedish, is easy to assemble with the often tricky and technical bike specifications removed from its construction. The bicycle is semi-flat packed, and assembly time takes approximately 30 minutes,” the release reads.
30 minutes? My sweet ass.
u after not reading the instructions and missing a bolt
You can buy it here.

Photo: IKEA.