And everyone at your school was like:
If you didn’t SCREAM that song at the top of your lungs as a child/tween/teen, did you even exist in the 90s? It’s like the 90s version of a tree falling in the woods.
Luckily for you, your childhood/teenage years are really not that far away – or, at least, they won’t be soon. 
If you’re in Sydney near the end of February, an entirely A+ 90s dance party is going down, and Joanne (that’s right – the singer of ‘Jackie‘ and legit 90s icon) is the night’s headliner.
So – how did Hudson Ballroom nab this iconic artist, who hasn’t released anything since her debut album in 2001? Where’s she been? How’s life been for Joanne?
DJ Levins, host of club night Rhythm of the Night, told PEDESTRIAN.TV:

“Late last year I had the honour of going on tour with The Vengaboys and while it was a lifelong dream to finally see ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom‘ performed on stage, no performer on that tour won my heart more than Joanne, who opened each of the shows with her 1999 hit song ‘Jackie‘, a certified banger which should be Australia‘s national anthem. [EDITOR NOTE: SO TRUE.]

As the tour tore through Australia and NZ, I got to DJ for Joanne like 13 times or something and we became tru mates. She bought me a bottle of L&P in Auckland and told me stories about touring with 5ive when she was a teenager. 

As soon as the tour was over we put the plans in motion to get her to come back to Sydney for one of my 90s dance parties. She’s actually been performing in bands in Melbourne for the last few years and her voice is actually better than it was when she was putting out singles. A lot of 90s acts have to lipsync to at least part of their classic hits but Joanne didn’t even need a microphone – her voice was that huge!

As the Rhythm of the Night is a celebration of the 90s in pop, dance and R&B, we’re working on a few medleys of our favourite songs from that era that Joanne will work into her set. I can’t wait.”
So, get yaself in the damn mood and rewatch one of the best music videos to grace our screens 19 years ago (uh-huh, 19 years):
You can RSVP to the Facebook event here: facebook.com/events/389870631366882/
And if you wanna buy Earlybird tickets, you can do that shit here: moshtix.com.au/v2/event/the-rhythm-of-the-night-90s-dance-party-featuring-joanne-live
And until February 24th, continually watch this gif (and ONLY this gif) for dance inspo, fam:
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