Large swathes of Sydney’s Sculpture By The Sea exhibition have been washed away by its namesake, and unless the artists involved play with the very concept of impermanence in their work, we imagine they’re gonna be pissed.

Artworks stationed around Tamarama Beach have been reclaimed by the ocean following some seriously high tides and exceptionally choppy surf. Organisers of the event, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, claim this is the first time in its history the exhibition has been subjected to such heavy waves.

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Although organisers managed to withdraw some artworks 20 metres from the water, Bronek Kozka’s Fair Dinkum Offshore Processing was knocked off a storm drain and taken out to see earlier this afternoon. 

So glad we got to see Bronek Kozka’s “Offshore Processing” (a statement on Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers) before it got swept into the Pacific by an unexpected surge ????

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Images taken at the scene demonstrate just how serious the damage is:

The swell at Tamarama Beach is forecast to hit 3.8 metres later this evening

We’ll keep you updated on any news from organisers.

Source: Sculpture By The Sea / Instagram.
Photo: @amspen / Instagram.