This Huge Blowout Between Two Beauty Vloggers Over Identify Theft Is Wild

Are you ready for some solid beauty influencer drrrrrama?

You’re not, I’m telling you right now. This is some high-level, multi-social-platform shit and no one could prepare for the tea, honestly. But go make yourself a cuppa and settle in for a solid yarn, ok?

So, BeautyCon just wrapped in the States. For those not in the know, BeautyCon is a beauty lovers event on a massive scale, where beauty brands, influencers, vloggers and the general public come together to fan out over makeup and shit.

On August 13, big-name vlogger Bretman Rock took to his Twitter account to start some solid drama by relaying a story he’d been told, that some other dude was impersonating him at the event (which he didn’t attend).

He gets pretty nasty.

Bretman has 1 million Twitter followers, so obviously this got pretty wild – fans were tweeting back to let him know what they’d seen at the event.

Of course, this all got back to the guy in question – fellow beauty influencer Jayvee London. Jayvee, for the record, has a much smaller following but is still very much playing in that beauty space. His take is preeeetty different.

Using my very, very good investigative journalist skills here – Jayvee’s ~lewk~ at BeautyCon is pretty in line with how Bretman does his makeup. But Jayvee DOES seem to vibe that normally – check this Insta pic out, for example.

They definitely don’t look the same, but there’s absolutely a similar style that they rep, so maybe he legit was mistaken for Brentman?

Bretman is yet to respond to Jayvee’s take on the whole thing, but like how’s that for peak drama, right? Tea well and truly sipped.