Huffer Has Dropped A Schmick Marvel Collection To Keep Ya Warm Over Winter

Just in time for the deep chill of winter (depending on where you are), Huffer has collaborated with Marvel to release a limited edition collection that not only looks slick as hell but is super warm – even Thor himself has some of it.

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I mean have you ever looked at Chris Hemsworth and just wished you could wear his clothes? You know what I mean. He’s got that laidback chill vibe that doesn’t scream “I’m a dad with two kids” if you looked at him with zero context. He also hasn’t let being a huge-name actor from the shores of Summer Bay to the Hollywood hills get to him, either.

It’s a real mood, and from what I’ve heard from the Huffer team, he’s got some of this limited Marvel range taking up real estate in his wardrobe now.

The range goes from tees to hoodies and through to Huffer’s iconic puffer jackets and down jackets, which will 100% save your god damned life in the thick of winter. A bit like a superhero, I guess.

Huffer X Marvel Puffer Jacket – $199.90
Huffer X Marvel Street Down Jacket – $349.90

Seriously, check out how bloody warm these things look. Cop one of these for winter and you’ll spend three months (or two weeks in Sydney) looking like the god damned Michelin Man.

The jackets also have a sweet interior lining featuring a 22-frame panel detailing each of the Marvel Studios films, including the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. They’re all hand-drawn by Aussie Marvel illustrator, Wayne Nichols, to celebrate 80 years of Marvel comics.

Huffer X Marvel Avengers Tee – $59.90

Check out the entire limited range over on the Huffer website, and it will officially be launching the range on April 12 from 3pm at Culture Kings in Melbourne, with a sneaky guest appearance from Desiigner.