How To Style Your Shoebox Pad Into A Place You Wanna Go Home To

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If you’re here then you’ve fallen victim to Australia‘s cooked rental situation.

A spacious abode means having to venture from business districts or live on top of five to eight other humans – a less than ideal living situation that grows tired v. quickly. If you’re anything like me (god help you), you’d faster bump into your own borderline-claustrophobic walls than succumb to such inconvenience. 

With that being said, below is how to not feel like you’re living in a house for ants.


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We hope you like your reflection and seeing ungodly angles on your partner because mirrors are the oldest trick in the book when it comes to making a space looking bigger than it actually is. The hospitality industry has been employing this hack for years, making the venue look double the size with a simple floor to ceiling mirror. Not gonna lie, can get confusing when you’re trying to find the loo though.


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Turning on a light in the middle of your ceiling is an easy way to light up a room with some artificial sun. However, it does nothing to make the space look bigger. Putting lamps in the corners of your room literally spreads the light throughout the room, and creates the illusion of a larger space and the feeling that each spot in your room is interesting and valuable, according to architect Sam Hamidson.


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We’re all culprits of having bulky things in our houses for no apparent reason, like a four-slice toaster. Even if you’re having four pieces, by the time you take out the first two and spread ’em with something, the next two are ready, you know? That’s a whole lot of space taken up illogically, and a two-slice toaster would be far more space-efficient, sleek and minimal. Plus, bébé items are just downright cute, which is why we introduce to you, the new Nespresso Essenza Mini machine.

It’s perfect for coffee lovers who don’t want a bulky machine taking up their bench space, while also being easy to use, minimalist, chic, modern and convenient – all without sacrificing that premium coffee taste. Learn more about upping your coffee offering at home by using the Nespresso Essenza Mini machine.


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There’s something really beautiful about open-plan living – it oozes that warehouse, loft-style apartment vibe.

The thing is, it can quickly look messy, overwhelming and cluttered without some kind of distinction between areas. If you’re in a studio, we’re not asking you to email your landlord with permission to uproot some walls. 

Sometimes it can be about really simple framing. So, for example, L-shaped couches cleverly section off lounge from dining, kitchen, bedroom or whatever your adjoining living area happens to be, or a rug can create a simple divide. Additionally, shoe racks and picture frames can help round off your doorway. 


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If there’s anything fun about living in a small space, it’s the nifty storage solutions you discover as a means to an end. And once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without ’em. Every piece of furniture in your house should have a purpose other than its primary. So your bed shouldn’t just be a bed, but also a place for storage or should fold into a couch. Think of your furniture like a romantic partner – would you be satisfied if they could only do one thing for you as opposed to many? Yeah.


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Walls might be good for hanging pictures but doors are good for hanging all your other goods. Whether it’s scarves, towels, hats, jewellery, beauty products or otherwise – no door in your house should go unused. Plus, it’s not going to take up any extra dearly beloved space. The same goes for cupboard doors too, with backs perfect for hanging tea towels and cleaning products. 


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Some of the best places to utilise are ones you hadn’t even thought of, like the top of the fridge. Pop a storage cube on top with whatever you so wish, or chuck some mags or ornaments etc on top. Also, hang your pans and pots from the ceilings or walls so there’s more room in your cupboard for other things – don’t be half-assed about this installation though. If you’re going to have them on display, make sure it’s good-looking cookware.

The more you work vertically, the more you’ll have room horizontally. Literally, Will Ferrell and Jon C. Reilly weren’t lying when their bunkbed made SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES. 

If you’re lucky, you might even score one of those loft-style apartments / room designs I spoke of earlier, which will create a whole hell of a lot more space by default. Those space-taking beds are pesky, aren’t they?



When you’re on the rental hunt, never commit to a place that has dark walls. It immediately makes the place look smaller by absorbing light, and good luck getting your landlord’s permission to paint over it.

Andrea Millar, interiors stylist and owner of fashion / homewares boutique Casa Boheme, says:

“The best way to style a small space is to have a continuous colour for floor, walls and ceilings. A warm white like Antique White USA for instance. Next remove all clutter that will take the eye to little busy things. Instead, add one beautiful piece to draw the eye like a good sized macrame wall hanging or artwork.”

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