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It’s 2021, and we’ve made it our mission to style our athletic gear to make it work outside the gym.

Black leggings are a no-brainer, and hoodies are now totally appropriate outerwear for night and day. As for sneakers, they’re no new trend, and we’re not about to patronise you by telling you they are, but we’re not talking about sleek white trainers or chunky sneakers right now. We’re talking about the shoes you’d actually wear to the gym for support and comfort… and stepping you through how to style them out to wear to work, drinks, and everything else in between.

The key to rocking athletic gear for work or play is to be intentional with your other outfit choices. Cosy clothes deserve pride of place in your wardrobe, both in the gym and out in the real world, so here are our tips for styling your workout clothes for all occasions.

Black Leggings Forever

Perhaps the simplest tip of all is to embrace your plain black exercise leggings for playtime. Black leggings are a universal gym staple. They not only provide the mobility to move effortlessly through your HIIT class but provide the perfect foundation for any outfit to get you through the rest of your day’s activity.

Particularly with winter rearing her chilly little head at the moment, rocking your black leggings with a fleecy, zip-up high neck over-sweater and sleek sneakers is the easiest way to maintain some cosy comfort underneath the layers.

Embrace Your Sneakers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5-10 years, you’re probably well aware that sneakers are an everything kind of shoe. Sneakers are for weddings, corporate events, the Oscars, your auntie’s 49th birthday, and of course, the gym.

Lean in and embrace them completely – fill your entire shoe cupboard with different variations of sneakers that work with jeans, tights, shorts and dresses. The final frontier of this is finding a sneaker that’ll not only set you up for a comfortable and productive Bondi to Bronte walk but also help your entire outfit pop at brunch after. The New Balance ROAV drop encompasses this vibe completely, providing enough comfort and support for a brisk walk but stylish and unique enough to pull together a full outfit.

We truly live for this kind of convenience.

Go Full Sporty-Chic

Finding your ‘aesthetic’ can be hard. But heck, it’s 2021, and I believe landing on one look that works for you completely is the easiest way to alleviate every bit of stress when it comes to clothes shopping.

Become the kind of person who can walk into any room wearing some form of athletic gear and kill the fashion game. Hoodies have become ultra-tailored in recent years, matching sets come in so many colours, and crop tops work as well under windbreakers as they do blazers.

Go full sporty-chic this year. It’s worth it.

Puffers and Vests Are Your Besties

There’s nothing quite as ethereal as finding the perfect puffer jacket or vest for Winter. Finding one that’ll transcend all outfits is simply other-worldly.

A black puffer will never go out of style, and they match with everything. It’s perfect for outdoorsy winter activities (you know, the whimsical hikes and campfire cuddling sort of stuff), but also relaxed Sunday brewery sessions and nights out on the town.

There’s just something so put together about a person rocking a crisp black puffer, snatched sneakers that are as sporty as they are cool and black sunnies that just exude mystery.

Accessories To The Max

Accessorising isn’t just exclusive to smart casual and formal gear – your athletic looks deserve it too. I know jewellery at the gym isn’t a hugely functional vibe, but pieces like caps, beanies and even socks can tie an outfit together in a way that suggests it’s a little more put together.

Get playful with it, and find ways to match up your outfit that showcase you’re ultra-clued in with all things fashun, baby.

Now that we’ve supplied you with some inspo on how to rock your workout gear at all times and for all occasions, it’s time to make a little life upgrade. New Balance is about to relaunch its crazy comfy ROAV sneakers (ideal for testing out the tips above) and you can nab them before the official launch thanks to rebel now.