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It’s that time of year, folks. The time when the weather warms up, and you’ve gotta start packing up your winter knits in favour of denim mini’s and cropped tees. Hell YEAH.

It’s also the time when you look through your drawers and realise you have way too many threads. Like, an insane amount of white t-shirts. And at least ten pairs of jeans. Yep – it’s spring, and with it comes the annual wardrobe overhaul.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of gutting your drawers and rifling through everything, let me tell you it’s well worth it. If you make a plan and have a goal, it can even be… fun. Yeah, seriously. Here’s how to not break down in tears and end up with a fresh, sparkly new season of gear.


How To Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe Without Having A Total Breakdown

Anything that got under five wears last summer is gonna get even less this time around, so do your wardrobe a favour and cull anything you didn’t love to death last year. Don’t get sentimental or come up with excuses like “but what if I suddenly get invited to a formal-wear ball that requires this floor length slip? WHAT THEN?” No. That is never going to happen and even if it did, chances are you don’t even want to wear that slip anyway. Them’s the brakes guys.


How To Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe Without Having A Total Breakdown

No holding onto your favourite white tee when it’s got a makeup-stained collar and a misshapen hem from overuse, ok? You may – if you MUST – pack it away if it has sentimental value, but get it outta your actual wardrobe. Over-worn clothes will always look messy, even when you style them up, so it’s best to bin them and start fresh with a new favourite.


How To Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe Without Having A Total Breakdown

Now that you’ve cleared out all your unworn items, rally your mates and have a clothes swap night. There is far too much fashion waste in landfill, and while donating fashion to charity is a great thing to do, they often prefer practical items like plain tees, jumpers and coats over say, that silk cami you never wear. A clothes swap means your unloved items go to good homes for another life, and you get to pick up some new babies to replace them that you’ll actually wear. Anything left over, take down to your local Salvo’s or Vinnie’s along with your practical gear. Too easy.


How To Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe Without Having A Total Breakdown

A cleared out wardrobe is the perfect time to get your stuff in order. Fold everything, iron crinkled stuff you scrunched at the back of your drawers, throw out old undies and weird bra straps that match absolutely nothing, and hang everything on single hangers. Imagine the time you’re gonna save every morning now that you know where everything is.


How To Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe Without Having A Total Breakdown

Ah, the fun bit. SHOPPING. Don’t go mad, though. Instead – have a plan. What have you binned? Maybe you need new jeans or a replacement tan belt. Only buy things you need at this point – better to wait for summer trends to set in stone before you start splurging on the crazy stuff. Anything that can be worn multiple ways is a winner – like a crisp linen shirt, or Swarovski‘s new Remix Collection, which features strands you can connect and re-work to suit whatever style you’re repping each day.

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