PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Fossil ’cause there’s no time like um, now to get your tech accessories sorted with their new Fossil Q Smartwatch. The lil’ ticker tracks your steps and syncs with your calendar events, which P.TV can safely say is quite the treat after using it for ourselves at MBFWA. Check the range HERE.

Pal, you and me both.

Hey, you don’t even need to go outside to feel that way these days, with Instagram twisting the knife of your unrefined aesthetic every darned time you open the app.

There’s no time like um, right bloody now, to help you feel fresh as a daisy next time you leave the humble abode. Check some easy-to-adopt tips below to get your individual style where it should be. 


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Plenty of folk reckon street style’s all about the clothes but they’re sorely misguided. That Yves Saint Laurent bag they dropped a sweet pay check on isn’t going to look very good if their hair’s crap, they’ve got cracked lips and three-hour-old lippy has found its way to their chin. You’ve gotta put the effort in head-to-toe if you wanna make that coveted impact. 


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So you’ve got your beauty routine downpat, but you’re still looking less than ordinary. Why? Because that YSL bag we were talking about is owned by every Tom, Dick and @HarrietsStyleBlog.

We get that your feed is flooded with stylespo. That’s all well and good to take on board, but no one wants to see what they’ve seen a million times before (side note: if you own a YSL bag you are amazing and I want to be you, really. I’m despicably jealous).

Sophia AthasFossil collaborator and owner of Hatrikk Vintage, told PEDESTRIAN.TV: “Taking inspiration from magazines, influencers and other brands is always fun (even if they’re out of the budget), and then you put your own twist onto it.”

How? Think about something that’s signature you. Add it. Love it. Live it.


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Is signature you a bit too underwhelming to be able to raise a fashion influencer’s eyebrow? You don’t have to rock all colours of the rainbow to be more fierce than Serena Williams in a grand slam.

Statement accessories are the perfect solution for anyone who shies away from OTT, usually mavens of monochrome like the très chic Sara Donaldson. Draw attention to standout additions like sunnies, clutches, jewellery, lippy, nails, shoes and more with epic logos, colours, textures, embellishments, prints etc. That’s how you’ll get away with not being a look-at-me-look-at-me Joey Eat Me Donner, but still be well and truly noticeable to onlookers.

“If in doubt, go for a simple look and have fun with accessories, novelty bags or chunky gold jewellery is the best,” says Sophia.

Sounds easy ‘nuf. I dig easy. I’ll sign up for easy. It’s also a surefire way to feel comfortable. Better that than feeling out of place, yeah?

If you’re wearing something a bit nutso, you can also take this advice in reverse too by toning it down with neutral accessories, like Fossil‘s answer to practical fashion with their new Fossil Q Smartwatch.

P.TV put it to the test for MBFWA and this lil’ ticker helped us in more ways than one – getting us to the shows on time (by syncing your calendar events) and tracked the billion steps we took trying to find all the runways and, of course, the A+ street style. Check the range HERE.


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Street style, especially during something like fashion week, is a downright circus. Does that mean you have to wear polka dots and ruffles? Oh helllll no – I mean, unless that’s ya style.

I’m all for the weird and the wacky but you can tell when its not authentic. It’s sooo important to rock your own style and not someone else’s,” says Sophia. “If you aren’t comfortable then you shouldn’t wear it.

Duly noted.

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