How To Prevent Your Hair From Frying To Smithereens In Summer

Summer is an excellent time of year, but let’s not pretend it’s absolute hell for your hair. Where winter involves hibernating and barely touching it, summer’s all about hitting the beach, being out in the sunshine and then tying up that rat’s nest and making it work all over again the next day.

In short, we’re pretty mean to our hair in the warmer months. And if we’re not careful, there’s a good chance it’ll rebel against us in the worst ways – snapped strands, frizz that can’t be tamed, and dull colour.

We hit up Diane Gorgievski, Founder and Creative Director of KODA Cutters (which just re-opened in Bondi, FYI) to get the low-down on how to keep your mane healthy all year ’round.


Yep, sun damage happens to hair too – those bloody UV rays don’t just cause skin cancer and premature ageing, they’ll also fry your hair to bits if you’re not careful – and they’re especially bad on coloured hair. If you’ve gone brunette, red, or a bright colour, expect the sun’s rays to fade that shit ten-fold.

“Wrap a silk scarf around your head to protect from sun,” suggests Diane.

She’s also big on UV protecting your strands with product.

“You need UV a protection for all body parts!” she explains. “I recommend BALMAIN Paris Sun Protection Spray. UVA and UVB filters are going to protect and nourish hair that is exposed to sun, as well as help protect keratin fibres of the hair.”


If you’re a blonde, it’s worth picking up a shampoo that de-chlorinates your hair if you’re a big pool swimmer. Chlorine is a major culprit when it comes to green-tinged blonde.

“I always recommend a good de- chlorinated shampoo treatment after long stints in pools – especially
blondes. I recommend trying TRISWIM shampoo,” says Diane.

Every hair colour and type can benefit from a hydrating mask in summer, too. Because you’re submitting your hair to a shitload of pool/beach time and sun exposure, the number one thing it wants is moisture.

“I like to treat the hair regularly to avoid dehydration. My personal favourite is the David Mallet Hydration Mask,” explains Diane.


While beach hair can look epic – and it’s totally fine to leave some salt water in your strands from time to time for the ~look~ – it’s worth noting that salt water can do bad things when it comes to hair.

“Don’t brush your salty hair,” stresses Diane. “Salt dehydrates your locks, so don’t attempt to brush until you
have rehydrated to avoid breakage.”

Basically – wash your hair before you go in with a brush. And it’s also worth noting that wet hair in general is more fragile, so only use a wide toothed comb or specially-designed brush for wet hair.


If you’re a complete beach baby in summer or hit up the pool for laps constantly, you’ll probably benefit from pre-treating your hair to protect the structure.

There are pre-shampoo treatments that act like moisture masks, or you can even just whack some conditioner or leave-in conditioner through dry hair before swimming.

“I suggest using Oribe Gold Lust pre shampoo treatment,” says Diane.”Smother your hair in this treatment whilst you’re at the beach, and then when you get home use the shampoo.”

Pre-treating hair will protect it from the damaging effects of chlorinated or salt water, so it’s a good op for anyone who loves a swim.