COVID lockdown is tough to handle, especially as it drags on and on with no real sign of letting up. VIC copped this last year, while NSW is dealing with it in 2021. It can be really rough on a number of levels, from being unable to even get a haircut to the toll on our mental health.

Well, here’s a solution that can possibly help both of those things: cutting a mullet, and doing it to support mental health. Enter the Black Dog Institute, who are running their annual Mullets for Mental Health campaign again this year.

All you have to do to participate is tell all your friends, acquaintances, neighbours and workmates that you’re going to cut yourself a mullet and you’re doing it for charity, and get them to chuck in a couple of bucks to go towards very necessary mental health research in Australia.

So far the campaign has raised over $1.7 million, and this year it all kicks off again in September. But because you need to grow your hair a bit before you cut it, you kind of need to sign up now. While you’re at it, why not guilt a mate into joining you on a journey into mullethood, too?

He/she/theys, anyone can and should rock a mullet, tbh. Register over at the Black Dog Institute website right HERE.

Now, for the actual cutting. As hairdressers are still out of action and likely will be until well into September, mullets are gonna have to be DIY for now. So here’s how to cut a mullet without butchering your beautiful bonce. Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for any botched mullets. Chop at your own risk!

How to cut a mullet at home

What you need: sharp scissors, clips, courage.

Step 1: Let your mop grow

Sit back and let that mane grow because the key factor in how to cut a mullet is starting with some decent length. The longer your hair, the more defined your mullet will be. If you’ve been living in a lockdown zone, it’s likely you’ve already nailed this step. Go you!

Step 2: Clips are your new best friend

Hairdressing 101: Always section your hair before you put scissors to mane. But if you are going for the Shaggy Mullet, have at it!

Using clips, divide your hair into three parts. Create a section on the top of your head from the front hairline to where your head starts to curve. Grab another two clips and section off the sides at the front of the hairline down to the ears.

Step 3: Chop the fringe

Unless you want to look like an 80s rocker, you’ll probably want to chop ya bangs. PSA: The first rule of how to cut a mullet and in particular your bangs is to be patient. Don’t try to cut all your hair at once… or do, we can’t tell you what to do.

Begin by combing your hair over your forehead and pick one side to start on. Trim straight across, or at an angle for those that dig a side-swept bang, and work your way up to your desired length.

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Step 4: Trim those sides

Business at the front, party at the back… but the sides are where it’s at. Flip a coin and let fate decide which side to cut first. As a general rule of thumb, your hair should be longest at the top and gradually shorter around the ears. Trim until your heart’s content, but trust your gut when it comes to putting the cutting tools down, or you might end up with a Skullet.

Step 5: Chop chop, it’s time to cut the top

When pondering how to cut a mullet, you must first decide if you’re going for the Pompadour or the Spikey; top-heavy or buzzcut season? Whatever your chosen style, you want to cut in sections, working from front to back until you reach the point your head begins to curve.

Step 6: To blend, or not to blend?

If you’re playing it safe, a Subtle Mullet is the way to go. Comb out small sections of hair where the top and sides meet, and cut any sharp angles you see.

But then again, what’s life without a little pizazz? The Mohawk Mullet has made a comeback and we are here for it.

Step 7: Start raisin’ funds

Show you’re all ears by setting up a Mullets for Mental Health fundraising page right HERE. Go on, do it. Your hair needed a cut anyway.