Converse are the ultimate large day and big night shoe.

Their sturdy canvas construction and laid back style make them the perfect shoe for all celebrations involving alcoholic substances. It’s easy to tear up a dance floor, but hard to roll your ankle, in a pair of Chucks.

But there’s a certain variety of these iconic shoes that doesn’t fare too well in these situations, and those are the white ones.

I’m speaking from experience when I say all it takes is one night in the club for them to be utterly destroyed beyond repair. No matter how many spin cycles you whack ’em through, you’ll never get them back to their prestige condition. Until now.

Sarah Tracy, a college student from Texas, has a solution.

She shared a pair of pics of her white Chucks on Twitter. In the first, the shoes look visible worn. next to this is those same shoes looking brand spanking. “I am a miracle worker,” she proclaimed, and she’s not wrong.

She went on to share her miracle cleaning method, which has now been retweeted nearly 100,000 times.

Friends at Falls – bookmark this one for later. You’re gon need it.

Image: @sarahtraceyy / Twitter