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Maybe you’ve been blonde all your life, and have naturally sun-kissed strands (lucky you). Or maybe you’ve been doing the salon-highlights thing since before you can remember. You might have even made a huge change from dark to very, very blonde.

Whatever the case, there’s always something to learn when it comes to caring for blonde hair. Arguably the most high-maintenance of hair shades, any blonde can pinpoint a time when they went “what the hell is going on with my hair?”.

Here’s all the common stuff you might be missing in your blonde haircare routine.



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This is basic blonde 101 – but did you know even people with blonde highlights, like even people with ombre hair – can benefit from a toning shampoo to brighten their blonde up? Basically, the purple pigment counteracts the brassy yellow tones in blonde hair, making it brighter and cooler. Try John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Conditioner, which also convert UV rays to a white-blue light, making your blonde look even brighter.

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Blonde hair tends to be stripped of moisture – especially if you get salon highlights. Because of this, your hair can take a heavier conditioning treatment. It’ll drink it up.

Apply mainly to mid-lengths and ends to avoid greasy, limp roots. And honestly? You could deep condition every wash – especially if your ends are brittle and straw-like.


You know how people go on about blonde hair turning green? It’s because your hair absorbs water, so if you go dunking it in a pool filled with the stuff, copper compounds that are naturally found in water (and oxidise around chlorine) then cling to hair, and of course blondes will show the colour more than brunettes. Science!

Wetting your hair with fresh water before you swim helps to keep it from absorbing the copper. Another option? Add some leave-in conditioner to your hair – you’ll find it not only protects it from the green tinge, it also keeps it soft.


This is something anyone who styles their hair with heat tools should be across, but blondes need to be especially wary. Your mid-lengths and ends can seriously dry out from colour, so don’t add to that damage with heat if you can help it.

Ideally, drying and styling your hair without heat tools is best. But if you must go in with the dryer or straightener, spray each section with a heat protectant first.


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Again, blondes will find their ends snap fairly easily, so if you want your hair looking healthy you need to keep those 6-8 week hairdresser appointments.

This is exceptionally vital if you’re trying to grow your hair – strands will split upward, meaning that if you leave split ends for ages you’re just losing length.


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You know that old tale that the sun can naturally bleach your blonde and make it look all adorably sun-kissed? That’s (mainly) a lie. It’s definitely a lie if you’re getting your blonde out of a salon bottle – in fact, UV rays can actually ruin your colour, turning it orange, brassy, and dull.

Using a UV protective spray can help, but ideally keeping your hair covered with a scarf or hat when you’re gonna be out in the sun for long periods of time is the best solution.


Thought blonde regrowth was impossible to hide? Wrong!

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There are now plenty of options on the market to fake freshly-coloured hair – while brunette regrowth tends to be harder to hide than dark blonde, using a regrowth chalk or powder in a blonde shade can help lighten it up and blend the different shades smoothly.

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