How Not To Do A Poll By ‘A Current Affair’

Whoever is responsible for copy editing in the A Current Affair graphics department either does not take pride in their work (a plausible possibility) or has been adding Acapulco Gold bong water to their morning green juice.

In addition to a recent spell-check fail spotted by the TV Tonight blog, the viewer poll question featured on the homepage of the ACA website yesterday successfully poleaxed the laws of linguistics when it offered an answer of either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the following “question”.

These grammatical slights are pretty insignificant, especially compared to ethical journalistic breaches like factual inaccuracy and invasion of privacy, but considering the dollars the network is making from ratings kingpins like The Voice – and the fact 50 per cent of A Current Affair‘s content is currently populated by behind-the-scenes goss sessions for that particular cash cow – they should spring for a dictionary.

But hey what’s a few prime-time typos on national television when you’re providing the world with enduring gifts like this interview with a moped-riding Schoolies goer.