The Little Girl Behind “Hot Mess Charlene” Is Now A Bonafide Fashion Star

You’re *surely* familiar with Ava Ryan: the plucky 7-year-old who has built a legion of fans off her alter ego Hot Mess Charlene and generally hilarious quips (“Working my life away… I wish I could just stop and go on a cruise” is a personal fave).


The cutie – who found fame via Vine, where mum Katie started uploading her hot takes when she was just three – has been tapped on the shoulder by fashion bible W magazine to impart fashion advice ahead of America‘s autumn.

Some highlights:

  • Firing ‘Sally‘, her assistant, who dared bring her salad for lunch instead of pizza and “sush”.
  • Explaining why red is the hottest colour of the reason: “Why be the firefighter when you can be the fire?”
  • Randomly asking the office if anyone “can smell beef in here”.
  • Declaring thatBig Bird is the fashion icon of our time” while wearing a huge feather boa draped over her head.

Please watch and enjoy the chuckles.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this little girl is my spirit animal.

Never change, Ava.