Hoooooooo boy. 
TIME are obviously known for their oft-apt and controversial covers, but this one might take the cake. Or cause Donald Trump‘s Twitter to implode. Both, probably. 
The iconic magazine has released the cover for their new issue, featuring an illustrated Trump sitting in the Oval Office. Except, the Oval Office has no roof and the wind is manically blowing documents (no doubt classified ones) around – everything is complete and utter chaos.
The caption simply reads, 
“Nothing to see here.”
Take a look:

The implication being, of course, that Trump‘s current government, and his presidency as a whole, is insanely chaotic behind the scenes (and let’s be honest – in the public eye, too), but he continues to tell the American public, and the world, that everything is fine. 
“Oh, leaks to Russian intelligence? That’s so fine. What? My Executive Order was unconstitutional? Incorrect. Fake news. Sorry what? The Oval Office is on fire. No it’s not. It’s fine.”
Basically, the cover is a modern day image of this:
The mag also released an incredible animated version on Twitter, which we literally cannot stop watching:

Now, shall we count down to the inevitable TIME is fake news! Sad!‘ tweet from old fella, in 3… 2… 1…
Source: Twitter / TIME
Photo: TIME Magazine.