Homeland Finale Shakes Up Cast Regulars For Season Four

Emmy and Golden Globe award winning drama Homeland’s reportedly ‘mind-blowing’ season three finale  is said to provide satisfying answers to overwrought questions, as well as the sombre adios to Homeland actors Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor as series regulars, as Variety reports Jessica and Dana Brody will not be featuring prominently in the show’s upcoming fourth season.

The natural progression of Jessica and Dana Brody’s story lines have petered out over the current season three, allowing the series’ focus to shift more heavily to Brody’s US return and an even greater emphasis being laid on Claire Dane’s impeccable crying face, broken out on countless occasions across Homeland’s short history.

The news will be delivered to Dana Brody’s enthusiastic legion of haters on a cloud of elation, as the eldest daughter of Nick Brody is perhaps – impressively – one of the most unequivocally loathed characters on the small screen, surpassed only by the hate-bait Skyler White of Breaking Bad.

Showtime’s successful political drama has seen its highest ratings for its third season; critics, however, seem to have lost their initial enamor for the show, with reviews describing it from “disappointing” to “It’s mostly very bad”, with Rolling Stone describing the series as being infected by “plot holes, implausible character moments, and over-the-top Hollywoodisms marring what was once one of the smartest and most provocative shows on TV”.

In any case, character drop-offs and poor press aside, at least we’ll always have Homelamb.

Via Variety.