If you’ve been following us for a while you know we go absolutely boonta for Kmart. They’ve truly stepped up their homewares and ~home aesthetic~ game in the last year but sometimes it’s hard to figure out if that new shag rug is going to look good in your little personal haven.

Fret no more, my sweet bargain-hunting friends, because Kmart have released a nifty little app called Kmart Stick & Style where you can pop their latest range straight into a photo of your living room/bedroom/bathroom/pet’s kennel to plan out your new look.

I tried to zjoosh up the PEDESTRIAN.TV offices with some of the stickers and send them to our Tech EditorMatt, with mixed results.

Matt, pls appreciate my interior decorating.

The one thing to be mindful of is that you can accidentally make everything really fucking big, like what I’ve done below with the plant that I thought would look real chill next to the reception desk.

Uhh…that looks ok?

The app itself is available in the App Store on iPhone at the moment, so sorry Android lovers, you can’t put a giant neon flamingo in your dunny just yet.

Maybe this will stop me from impulse-buying 400 fluffy cushions every time I go to Kmart feeling slightly dusty. Maybe.

Image: Kmart