Well god damn, an honest-to-goodness boilover has percolated its way to realisation on the Gold Coast yesterday.

The 2016 International Barista Championships were held yesterday in Surfers Paradise, with representatives from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Asia all competing to take home the world title.

Not only did Australia kick everyone’s arse, but our winning coffee legend comes from a source you absolutely won’t expect him to.

Justin Porrett took out the competition in scintillating fashion, with his signature ginger, cucumber, and lime espresso knocking the judges socks off.

And it gets even better when you consider the fact that Porrett isn’t from some fancy, hole-in-the-wall, critically regarded inner city cafe.

He’s from a Gloria Jeans.

A Gloria Jeans in Lismore.

The competition, run by the Retail Food Group (who, full disclosure here, is the company that owns Gloria Jeans), put competitors to the test on their best single espresso, latte, and espresso-based signature drinks, judging them on their taste, technique, and presentation.

Technical judge Peita Laws stated that it was Porrett’s flawless technical skills that got him across the finish line quite clearly in first place.

“Justin was technically flawless; his workflow and station management created a great consistency

in his espresso forming the perfect base for each drink.”

“Justin’s perfection in his technical skills shone through in the cup, as did his true passion for coffee

and coffee service.”

Also, hi! His surname is literally POUR IT.

For his efforts in being the new Roastmaster General of the entire planet, Porrett takes home a cool $6,000 – $3k each for taking out the Australian national final, and the international final.

And now you know exactly where to get a quality brew the next time you’re cruising through Lismore.

Photo: Supplied.