PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Carousell to let you know about the best goddamn paid internship to have ever existed. Keep reading to learn more about the ins and outs of the role (which is essentially just shopping for ’em all day) before heading HERE to apply.

Shopping app Carousell wants to get an honest 411 on the experience users have on their platform. In order to collect that info, they need someone to heavily interact with their service. Yes, that means they’re looking to pay an intern TO LITERALLY SHOP ALL DAY LONG. 
“From fashion to furniture, you’re going to know Carousell better than anyone else so you can help us improve the experience for other Carousellers,” says the job’s listing. 
“You’ll be helping us improve our shopping experience by becoming an expert on the Carousell marketplace and sharing keen insights on the user experience and community. How will you do that? Why, you’ll be shopping.”
For those who need more of a motivation to apply (like, what the hell’s wrong with you?), there’s an opportunity to bulk up your CV with hugely employable experiences.
“You’ll also take part in our research excursions, write stories for social media, and have regular mentoring sessions with our Co-Founder and President Marcus Tan.”
The only limitation? You’ll need to be free to drop fat stacks on products from 1 June 2017, until 31 August 2017. Oh, and you’ll need to be a student at an Australian university (sorry if that’s just crushed all of your hopes / dreams). 
Anyway, we shan’t piss-fart you around anymore than we already have. Chase your dreams + live your best life by applying HERE.
Photo: Clueless.