H&M’s Kid’s Halloween Line Is Freaking Adorable

H&M‘s upcoming kid’s halloween line in collaboration with UNICEF will either make you nostalgic for a Halloween you (probably didn’t) celebrate in the past (this is Australia) or fault your Miss Trunchbull-inspired argument that kids are just booger factories defined by haplessness and a penchant for wanting things now.

That’s right, breaking news. Kids in Halloween costumes: still adorable.

Particularly kewt are H&M’s take on trick or treating, which goes far beyond the equally adorable (in the desperate, pathetic sense) Homer Simpson creation.

The costumes transform little monsters in to little monsters as shown below. I am bursting at the seams in happiness at the itty bitty Marie Antoinette. Bless. Take note of the Robin Thicke circa VMA-inspired striped suit for the blurred-sexual-boundary-leaning junior gentleman. Corresponding Miley costume not included.

Via Trendland.