PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with H&M to help you craft the most drop-dead chic Autumn wardrobe ever.

I know this might be divisive, but I honestly could not be happier that Summer is officially done and dusted for the year. Why? Because dressing up for Summer absolutely blows. It’s either too humid and sticky to commit to an elaborate fit, or activities revolve too heavily around the beach to really wear anything that nice.

The weather is getting just that tad crisper, and I am ready to prep my wardrobe with as many adorable sweaters and fuzzy coats as humanly possible.

Luckily for us, H&M has made Autumn/Winter dressing easier this year because they’ve just dropped a new collection of stunning dresses, and honestly, I think I’m ready to lean-in completely to the whole Goth-GF/cottagecore aesthetic.

The collection is made up of 5 signature dresses, all made from 100% recycled polyester, that come in black and white, each inspired by the hypnotically beautiful lace-focused looks that dominated the 1930s. They’re all finished off with vintage details such as mutton sleeves and ruffles but carved in modern silhouettes, making them total wardrobe staples you can dress up and down for any occasion. There’ll also be two chic coats available exclusively online as part of the drop, so you can finish off the whole look too.

Seriously, they look like something Phoebe Bridgers would’ve worn on a Late Night appearance any time over the recent Punisher album cycle. They’re as equally edgy as they are pretty, which is always a huge yes fashion-wise.

Puff Sleeve Dress $79.99 (left), Lace-trimmed Dress $29.99 (right)

Jacquard-weave Dress ($29.99)

Lace Stand-Up Collar Dress ($29.99)

The pieces explore the inherent beauty and endless possibilities of recycled material, and represent H&M’s step to use only sustainable products for their garments by 2030. They’re crafted to last, and they exude a timeless aura that reflects H&M’s commitment to ensuring their future is one that works harmoniously with the environment. I mean, look at these dresses – you could wear them in any decade and still be the most fashionable person in the room.

They’re the ultimate vibe for every cold-weather outing there is – heading to a cozy bar that you’ll inevitably spend hours at, wintry-wine tours, weekend long lunches, the whole shebang. Rock them with a pair of chunky black boots, a sleek coat and a baguette bag and done, you’ve got yourself an outfit that’ll have jaws-on-the-floor.

If you’re keen to shop the look, you can head to H&M‘s website and suss out the entire collection there, or grab them in store.

Image: H&M