Botched Blood Facial Inspired By Kim K Allegedly Linked To 2 HIV Diagnoses

Two clients of a spa in New Mexico have tested positive for HIV after getting the hugely popular vampire facial treatment at the premises.

According to a report from the Albequerque Journal, New Mexico Department Of Health shut down VIP spa for unsanitary practices in 2018, and urged anyone who had the vampire facial treatment – in which a technician takes a sample of your blood and then injects it back into your face – between the months of May to September last year to get tested for HIV, Hepatitis C and other blood-borne infections.

The facial began trending back in 2013, when Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself mid treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from the blood sample taken in the salon, and then that is injected back into your face with a needle. The plasma allegedly contains nutrients, proteins and growth factors that help with a myriad of skin issues like fine wrinkles, melasma, surgical scars and acne scarring via it’s promotion of collagen growth.

Obviously if the facial is done in a sterile and controlled environment, it’s safe. But as with many potentially dangerous beauty procedures like laser hair removal, laser facials and cosmetic surgery, once the treatment is trending it’s easy for ill-experienced or downright irresponsible salons and therapists to start doing the treatments without having either the training or following proper protocol.

The VIP Spa was immediately closed following inspection, but Kathy Kunkel, the NMDOH Cabinet Secretary, said more testing needs to be done to confirm if blood-borne infection cases are limited to the two clients.