Hitch A Free Ride In A Safari-Themed Car & You Could Win A Legit Safari

We’ve gone and did something. We’ve gone and did something BIG. God, just thinking about it is making us want to fang on some Marvin Gaye. Without further ado, let’s get it on. PEDESTRIAN.TV’s partnered with our best mates at Virgin Mobile for one hell of a collaboration. They’re in the business of cool shit and as luck would have it, so are we (shocking revelations in abundance). Virgin Mobile’s also in the business of making mobile better, and srsly, who doesn’t want that. We both put our thinking caps on and landed on a concept that combined making the experience we have with our phones better AND cooler. We’re calling the end result Friendship Benefits: a series of four competitions that will occur quarterly. Keep reading to find out more about the first competition which involves a *free Uber ride and a safari trip to South Africa (~mysterious~). 
We just wanted to let you know that appgasms are a thing. 
Yep, appgasms.
What pray tell is an appgasm? In short, it’s the pleasure one enjoys during a heightened experience with a mobile application – a sensation that leaves you hot under the collar and makes one eye twitch violently. How does one achieve an appgasm? By getting around Friendship Benefits, duh.  
Friendship benefits is all about taking an already fantastic experience you have with an app and taking it a step further – thus producing an appgasm. For the first segment of this campaign, Virgin Mobile + P.TV are calling upon a good friend of ours that goes by the name of Uber. 
Initial reactions have been:
The first thing we’d like to share with you about our collaboration with Virgin Mobile is that Uber’s be giving away free rides from the 27th of November until the 30th (put it in your diaries kids). Secondly, your driver’s outfit will be serving up safari-chic realness and their car shall be doing exactly the same. To book your safari car, simply select the Virgin Mobile safari icon on the day of. 
The opportunities for a free Uber ride are endless. Why walk/train/bus to work when you can get driven there in the comfort of a car? You’ll even have extra grooming time to wow your colleagues with your devilishly good looks.
So why are Virgin Mobile and Pedestrian asking Uber to pick people up for free in a safari-themed car, in safari-themed clothes? If the penny hasn’t dropped, it’s because we’re promoting a competition to go on a goddamn safari. The competition (that’s super-dooper easy to enter and only takes two shakes of a lamb’s tail) will see you jetting off to South Africa to get around the experience of a lifetime. 
You’ll get flown into Johannesburg, where you can take a load off in a luxury hotel, before beginning your 2-night/3-day open-vehicle safari at Kruger National Park

Virgin Mobile Uber Safari


*Free trips are dependent on location/time of pickup within Sydney only, through the Uber App. Trip provided is up to a value of $30 AUD. Free trips are from 9am-5pm Friday/Monday & 11am-7pm Saturday/Sunday (27th November – 30th November 2015). Free rides will no longer be available from 7.01pm Monday 30th November 2015. Decal’d cars will remain on the road to promote the competition until 7th December 2015.