Here’s A Bunch Of Aussie Style Kooks Overtaking The Normcore Bore

PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Disney for their latest release, Alice Through The Looking Glass, to applaud individuality, eccentricity and all-round outlandishness on our own turf. Life’s too short to blend in, y’know? Catch the movie when it hits cinemas this May 26.

Sometimes it feels like we live in a minimalist’s world.

Casual-cool is frothed over, monochrome fiend Sara Donaldson (of Harper & Harley) has racked up around half a mill followers on Insta, and all-white errythang is on high rotation, despite being a messy chick’s worst nightmare. Being basic has never been more basic, and normcore is a total bore and plz, no more. You’re yawning, we’re yawning – everyone is yawning. 

Thankfully tho, there are a few humans spicing it up on the ‘gram and street style circuit alike – making them clones question what it is that they’re saying to the world. 

Low and behold a roundup of A+ individuality:

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Aussie-born, Paris-based Catherine Baba is a leading fashion stylist, designer and costume designer, easily recognisable with her regal-inspired style, scarf-wrapped locks and oversized frames. She’s one of our greatest fashion exports.

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She’s probs one of those most snapped chicks on the festival circuit, thanks in no small part to her OTT get-ups and genetically-blessed face. You keep doing you, Katie.

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Owner or pop art accessories brand Doodad and Fango, Nikita Margarita is a biggy on the eccentric fashion scene. She looks like she’s vomited up a bunch of cartoons most of the time, but girl you friggin’ own it.


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She might be young and known as the eyebrow girl to some, but Sarah Ellen‘s youth means she’s all for taking the old risk or two with her wardrobe. It’s fun, and her close-to-a-million Insta followers think so too.

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This photographer / consultant / writer / stylist hardly needs an introduction, but she’s dominating the fash influencer game thanks to collabs with Miranda Kerr, Jessica Gomes and more homegrown and international style kweens. The Zhang personal brand isn’t just seen in Margaret’s outfits, but in all the shoots she styles and photographs as well.

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A photo posted by Gary Bigeni (@garybigeni) on

Fluro hair, spotty pants, zebra creepers. Designer Gary Bigeni can’t be missed.

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A photo posted by JADE MARY (@jade_mary) on

Co-owner of a “rainbow-drenched E-store” and enough varying hairstyles/colours to rival Kylie Jenner. We like you, Jade Mary, we rlly do – you make our days a lil’ brighter.

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She owns a sexy fash label called Pet Snake which is heavy on sheer and cut-out stomach jumpsuits, but her personal aesthetic is a glitterfest. It’s pretty, it’s feminine, but we reckon it’d be a hard one to get on and off all’a the time. Power to ya, gurl.


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She might be the co-owner of hugely popular store/label Tigermist, but it’s her own personal style that’s making waves. It’s all over the shop in the best kinda way. We dig. 

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Jenny Kee’s long-time collaborations with textile designer Linda Jackson has made her very well known for pure Aussie wool jumpers with epic, colourful flora/fauna emblems. We love that she lives and breathes the clothing she makes.

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Co-founders of one of Down Under‘s most holy moly brands Romance Was Born, Anna and Luke rep the same feels on the reg with their own personal style. Helps that they’ve got immediate/free access to all the woah mumma looks, right?

For more A+ fash kooks, hit up the new Alice Through The Looking Glass film on May 26. Costume designer Coleen Atwood knows her stuff when it comes to stand-out, unforgettable looks.

It’s all about making that impact, y’know?

Photo: Instagram / @katiekuips@romancewasborn@gypsallister.