HEADS UP SYDNEY: IKEA Is Popping Up To Sling You Free Meatballs Next Week

Combining tasty food with big retail is a genius concept that only the savviest of big retailers have cottoned on to.

In fact, of all the retailers in Australia, only two have risen to the upper echelons of glory by providing ample treats to hungry customers and thus entered the Aussie lexicon as true legends: Bunnings, with the ubiquitous snags, and IKEA, with their meatballs of glory.
And whilst ordinarily obtaining such magnificent foodstuffs involved, y’know, having to actually go to the stores and by extension having a reason to go to said stores, this weekend IKEA is changing all of that for those lucky enough to be in or near Sydney.
The Swedish company is taking their delicious, molto bene Swedish meatballs out of flatpack heaven (or flatpack hell, depending on how much of a mad snake at Meccano you were as a kid) and into the streets of the city for a handful of pop-up meatball bonanzas next week.
Better yet? The meatballs are free.
Absolutely, positively, don’t-have-to-pay-a-goddamned-cent FREE.
The furniture giant/only reason the allen key industry still exists will be heading out into Chatswood Mall on Tuesday (October 4th), before shifting into the city to set up shop at First Fleet Park in The Rocks on Wednesday (October 5th) to fang out the tasty deliciousness by the ball-load.
‘Course there is a catch to everything (there’s always a bloody catch), but luckily for you it doesn’t involve testing your nerves against a ‘Ninja Warrior‘-style course of furniture assembly.
The free balls are being dished up for IKEA’s 2017 Catalogue launch, so in order to get your hands on the biz you’ve gotta download a catalogue app onto yer schmick-lookin’ smartphones and fling a hashtag out into the ether of social media. A minute or so’s work in exchange for free meat. Honestly, you’ve all worked way harder for much, much less.
Mark it in your calendars, folks. Go get yo’self a dang treat!
Source: Broadsheet.
Photo: Carlos Osorio/Getty.