Welcome, haters.

All bow down and share a Roast to the king of petulance, smarm and everything foul, Joffrey Baratheon. HBO have cordially invited you – the internet – to do your worst and join in the official roasting of Westeros’ illegitimate love child and most hateful creation to spring from the mind of George R.R Martin. HBO’s surprise event (launched on Thursday and continuing through to Friday – officially ending Saturday afternoon in Australia) is a much welcomed festival, to be sure; it is odd, however, that official ‘roasting’ days would be needed for such an occasion, considering that passionately humiliating Your Grace is one of our favourite – and daily – pastimes. Nevertheless, let the games begin. 

HBO Invites Haters To Do Their Worst And Roast King Joffrey

Some highlights from the #RoastJoffrey tag: 

Basically, this.