Hey, you know that great product idea you’ve been sitting on since 2013? Well, it’s trash. Bin it. Sorry, but the best thing has already been created, and everything you do is worthless anyway, Margaret.

A New Zealand company has developed stickers for avocados that tell you when they’re ripe for the eating. Fucking genius.

The stickers were developed by Freshmax in New Zealand, with clearly marked colour codes to tell you if the avo is ‘not ripe’, ‘firm ripe’ or ‘soft ripe’.

A Redditor uploaded a pic of the magic stickers last week, and they’ve been gaining traction ever since.

Say BYE to rubbery avo toast. Say SEEYA to the world’s shittest guacamole. Say hello to nice and perfectly squishy avocado.

HASS KWEEN: These Genius Avo Ripeness Stickers Are Coming Our Way

A sticker makes the old ‘squish it and see’ test seem so passé, no?

HASS KWEEN: These Genius Avo Ripeness Stickers Are Coming Our Way

kitty is too ripe, is now brown mush.

Unfortunately, they’re not available in Australia – yet – but Freshmax Senior Marketing Strategist Matthew Crouch confirmed to PEDESTRIAN.TV that they’re coming.

“We’re exploring plans to roll them out across Australia and in other categories,”
he told us. And by ‘other categories’ he means other types of produce, just in case you can’t tell your bananas from your brown mush.

We’ll keep you updated as and when, folks.

Meanwhile, shout-out to this Redditor who today has made the world brighter with his/her avocado expertise.

Photo: Reddit.