Aussie Harper’s Bazaar Under Fire For Their December “Australian Beauty” Cover

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Australian fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar has come under fire from readers for their December cover, which features five white Australian models.

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The issue, which is titled as “Ocean Odyssey: A celebration of Australian beauty” is being slammed online for the lack of diversity among the models chosen.

“It’s amazing how a land that was once predominantly and indigenously Black, all of a sudden can’t find not one person of color to represent it. This isn’t a representation of Australia,” Instagram user irisbrown.106 wrote on the magazine’s post.

“Australian beauty is size 0 and white….ok,” wrote user scorpioevolved.

Huffington Post Australia approached Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Eugenie Kelly for comment.

“I’ve been reading some of the comments and it’s disappointing as it seems to have been missed that we have an indigenous model on the cover – Charlee Fraser,” Eugenie told the outlet.

“She identifies as a proud Aboriginal woman and she’s also one of the world’s top models – she was named Model of the Year at last week’s Australia Fashion Laureate. Our coverline ‘A Celebration of Australian Beauty’ has a double meaning … the 40-page portfolio which accompanies the cover story is all about celebrating the Australian environment and the fragile beauty of the Whitsundays, as this is our conservation and sustainability special.”

But as Instagram users are pointing out, there are plenty of WoC models in Australia that could have been selected to present a more diverse vision of Australian beauty. As user gab.artistry commented:

ZERO body & ethnic diversity. So sick of this “white beach babe” being shoved down our throats by the same old WASPs who have been doing this recycled concept year after year. where’s @adutakechbior @warukatta @sam_harris @ajakdengcom ??

The issue is on stands now.