Managing your media company’s multiple social media platforms is an unenviable task, and an often perilous one at that. One time I sent a Tweet from the Pedestrian account to the Pedestrian account thinking I was using my own account. It was crazy. 

Anyway, whoever was manning the Harper’s Bazaar Australia Instagram at the launch party for Australia’s Next Top Model at 11:03pm last Thursday night received a rude awakening from the dream of realising that’s what they get to do for a living when they posted a happy snap of two gals slurping back Cock Sucking Cowboys, aptly-captioned “[email protected] sucking cowboys!” Six whole minutes later the offending [email protected] were gone because [email protected] is not in for Spring, replaced soon after with a more innocuous photo of Jen Hawkins. 

We’re all mostly human, and you we all make mistakes; some of us are just happen to be humans who work at Chic High Fashion Magazines, prone to sinkin’ shots on a school night, while documenting our misadventures on our employer’s social media platforms, YOLOing, et cetera.

It should also be said that the real offender in this scenario is actually Instagram, who are yet to develop the ability to toggle easily between multiple accounts like Twitter have. 

The real victims then are You & I; especially if you’re one of the ladies sipping noxious cock shots instead of obnoxious on-brand green smoothies – which makes for a refreshing change, I guess. Here’s to you!