Half Of Sydney’s Shutting Down So No-One Gets A Chance To Dack Mike Pence

US Vice President Mike Pence has touched down for his first official visit to Australia, and it appears that someone has been reading our diary, because anti-dacking security surrounding his Sydney visit is stacked out the wazoo. 
NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch told reporters this afternoon that swathes of the city would be shut down as Pence’s “substantial” motorcade rolled from the airport through the CBD and on to Kirribilli and Mosman
“[The motorcade vehicles] are substantial and anyone on the road at the time the motorcade goes past will get a good sense of how large they are.

“The vice president’s motorcade will have a secure road corridor. That’s code for, we will close the road.

“He’ll have the road to himself and those road closures will be put in place just before the motorcade hits a particular area. We do apologise in advance for what we see will be some disruption for people’s activities.”
Disruption indeed – the clearways throughout the city will last until Monday morning, which bodes super well for morning commuters.
It’s reported that Pence will be taking in the sights while in Sydney along with doing some international diplomacy. Plans include going for a harbour cruise and meeting some koalas, as well as Prime Minister Trumble (whether the koalas will have to be security checked is yet to be seen).
But people of Australia, we cannot allow this talk of cruises, koalas and pumped-up security to deter us. Keep your eyes on the prize. Call in a favour from one of your marsupial mates if you have to. There’s still time.
We can still dack Mike Pence.
Source: News.com.au / 9 NEWS.
Image: Getty.