The Best Gumtree Ad Of 2019 Is Already Here Ft. A Gal Selling Her Cheating Ex’s Gift

gumtree ad

Deciding what to do with gifts from an ex is always kind of tricky. Do you keep it, in the hope that it will eventually stop reminding you of them, or cut your loses and just chuck it out? Well, there ain’t just one right answer. Everyone is different and how your relationship ended also has a heavy steer on what you might decide to do with said gifts.

If you ended on amicable terms and you’re still pretty keen on the item, you’re probably inclined to just keep hold of it. If, however, you went through a messy breakup, you could be forgiven for wanting to be done with anything associated with the ex.

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Now one woman in this exact situation has decided to go with a third option and sell a charm bracelet given to her by her ex husband. But rather than try to flog it at a local market, she created what is, in my opinion, one of the greatest Gumtree ads of our generation.

While the bracelet itself is nothing out of the ordinary, her detailed, sassy descriptions is a kind of sales tactic I can really get behind.

gumtree ad
Source: Gumtree

“I’m selling the Pandora bracelet that my ex-husband thoughtfully put together for me while he lied to me throughout our marriage. It turns out that pretty trinkets don’t pay for betrayal” she explains in the intro.

“Safety chain with 14ct yellow gold hearts – designed to keep the bracelet together better than our marriage.”

Then she goes on to break down details about each of the charms included in the sale and she ain’t holding back.

gumtree ad
Source: Gumtree

My personal favourites are:

“Limited edition teddy bear with 14ct yellow gold heart – much like the limited nature of his trustworthiness.”

And “Forever together – apparently not.”

Then she signs off in the most iconic way:

“The pieces are all in very good condition (much like I am now after the divorce). Payment: PayPal or cash (apparently tears of my enemy is not a legitimate payment type). Melbourne CBD.”

I’m actually crying at the line “(apparently tears of my enemy is not a legitimate payment type)”, followed by the casual mention of the Melbourne CBD location.

Wow. Someone get this lady a crown already.

Read the ad in full right here.