If You’ve Got A Spare $86k, How About Buying These Gucci Handcuffs?

Just casually, a pair of Gucci handcuffs have appeared on shopping site Grailed. The site is one of those sell-your-own-stuff things, but for luxury and high end gear – hence the Gucci handcuffs.

Want ’em? They’ll cost you a cool $86,000. Good lord.

They’re a real item from the brand – designed by the one and only Tom Ford in 1998, they actually have a very interesting back-story. See, according to press at the time, the handcuffs were actually created to send a pointed message to Patrizia Gucci.

Patrizia was convicted of ordering the murder of her ex-husband and former head of the Gucci fashion house Maurizio Gucci. WILD, right? The cuffs were on display in the window of the Florence flagship store on the very day of Patrizia’s sentencing.

The handcuffs aren’t a one-off – there are other sets floating around, one of which was up for auction in 2009 at Christie’s, and sold for around $2,500.

They’d clearly make your sexy times infinitely more chic and stylish, no?