Gucci Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Flogging A $1200 Turban

gucci turban cultural appropriation

Can some kind soul please send Gucci HQ a link to a sensitivity training seminar, ‘cos the luxury fashion house is back on their cultural appropriation bullshit in just the most obvious way. Their most recent gaffe, which has scores of punters on social media calling for an apology, concerns a $1200 cobalt-blue turban they sent down the runway on a white model.

The turban, which looks identical to the religious garments worn by Sikhs, actually appeared on the runway last year, and prompted backlash then, too. Clearly for nought, according to Gucci, who have continued making and distributing the items for the eye-popping price of nearly US$800.

The “Indy Full Turban” was spotted for sale on US retailer Nordstrom‘s website, with some jaunty copy asserting that the “gorgeously crafted turban” was “ready to turn heads while keeping you in comfort as well as trademark style“.

It’s now marked as “sold out”, and Nordstrom has issued a statement saying they’ve withdrawn the item from sale. However, Gucci has yet to issue a comment on the backlash.

And the backlash has been significant! For Sikhs, the turban is a deeply important garment, not, as many have pointed out, a cute hat to pop on as an accessory.

This is not the first time Gucci has copped a telling off for blithely using racist or appropriative motifs in their clothing lines.

Earlier this year, the fashion house was universally panned for released a very weird and obviously blackface-inspired sweater, which they quickly pulled from sale and production.

The luxury brand said that the blackface incident would be used as a “learning experience“, and that they promised to increase diversity throughout the company. Looks like that worked well, then!

Honestly, how hard is it to just… not? Is this yet another soulless marketing ploy to gain publicity for a thousand-dollar hat? What is the point of having a millennial committee if they’re not going to stop you from doing shit like this!

Rich people! Get your shit together!