Gronklord George Christensen Now Wants You To Boycott Ben & Jerry’s, FFS

So everyone’s favourite potato-chip-and-caramel-combining iced cream confectionary maniacs Ben & Jerry have always taken a fairly strong position on climate change and environmentalism. Now the American company is campaigning against the environment-wrecking, Great Barrier Reef-murdering Adani “coal megamine” that’s currently being planned for Queensland. As they say on their website, 

“Scientists agree that to prevent our environment from altering drastically, we need to stop average global temperatures from warming more than 2 degrees Celsius. This means that in order to avoid disastrous impacts to our planet, we need to make sure that 80% of current fossil fuel reserves remain in the ground.

But in Australia, plans are being finalised to build Australia’s largest coal mine in the middle of Queensland. The Queensland and Federal Governments have agreed to every one of Adani’s, the company building the mine, needs – including $1 billion of taxpayer funds and all the free water the mine wants. It’s never been more important for the Australian people to come together and stop this megamine.”
And what are Ben & Jerry’s doing to facilitate stopping said megamine? Only going on a Scoop Ice Cream Not Coal roadshow next week, which will visit Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne to raise awareness about and campaign against the proposed mine (and distribute free ice cream to everyone who turns up).
environmentalism at work
Who could get upset about that! A successful, international company demonstrating care for the direly at-risk natural wonders of Australia, and also distributing delicious ice cream to citizens of a country that really loves ice cream.
Who, you say? Why, George Christensen, of course!
Yeah, the Mackay-based LNP pollie/confirmed Gronk King is calling for a Ben & Jerry’s boycott because of their “fight against local jobs“. 
Look, I’m just a humble ice-cream-lover and being-alive-on-my-home-planet-enjoyer, so maybe I’ve got this wrong, but George – isn’t it true that if we keep digging up fossil fuels from the bowels of the earth in order to burn them, sending gases into the atmosphere at an unprecedented rate and causing catastrophic climate change that will eventually make the only home we’ve ever had absolutely inhospitable to human life, there will in fact be no more local jobs to have? Thanks to like, the collapse of civilisation and all that? 
No? Okay! Guess I’m chucking out my Chunky Monkey then!*
Image: Twitter