Gronk Spring Breakers Chanted “Build The Wall” On A Mexican Cruise Ship

Look, we won’t ever suggest that Americans on spring break are the centre of the moral universe or indeed have any kind of moral values at all, but this is particularly objectionable. 

A group of Americans on spring break in Cancun, Mexico have been slammed by a local newspaper for reportedly chanting Trump‘s favoured slogan “build the wall!” while on a tourist ship. An editorial in the local Yucatan Times condemned the gronks:
During a family show on the high seas, young American spring breakers began to sing the controversial “Build That Wall” chant, which shocked Mexican national tourists and workers.

This is just one of the many blameworthy behaviors that young spring breakers have shown recently in Cancun and that are described as acts of xenophobia and discrimination against Mexicans within their own country, which is (or should be) totally unacceptable.

Anaximandro, from Perú, made the following statement on social networks: “Today I was with Suly, my wife (who is a native of Mexico), watching an entertainment show off the coast of Cancun aboard a boat, and at the end of the show, a flock of Americans (maybe under the influence of alcohol, or maybe not), began to sing the infamous “Build that wall” chant louder and louder”.

It was reported that many Mexican tourists onboard told the partiers to stop their chant, but they persisted with it. It follows numerous reports in local media about the behaviour of spring breakers toward locals.

Obviously there’s a weird irony in frat bros who have literally come across the border into Mexico chanting about building a wall, but it’s reasonably safe to say that they probably weren’t contemplating the actual logic.
Source: Fusion.
Photo: Getty Images.